The Unconventional Guide to Submitting A Guest Posts


How to Submit Guest Posts


Send an email to cldunford@straightouttamykitchen.co


Your subject line should say: PITCH STRAIGHT OUTTA MY KITCHEN: [insert working title here].


Tell us a little about yourself and include a bio of 50 words or less to be included with your post, if accepted. You can include links to social media accounts; and mention your pet projects and blogs you run. Remaining anonymous is also an option.


Straight Outta My Kitchen welcome’s your voice!

If you would like to contribute to the community by writing a post, please review the guidelines and feel free to contact us!


The main goal of Straight Outta My Kitchen is to Build, Connect and Inspire our audience.


1) Content must relate to building up of others,

connecting, and/or inspiring.


When writing your posts, please consider these three questions.


-Does it build our audience up? Does it provide information that encourages others to be better?


-Does it encourage community?


-And/Or does it inspire others?


2) We accept only original content but you can share

posts on your own platforms.


3) All pictures must be legally placed- no copyright



If you need help finding pictures, check this out! 


4) No explicit content (sexually or use of many swear



5) Respect everyone


6) Respond to all comments


What to Expect


Not all submissions will be accepted, but you can expect a response in about 72 hours.


If we reject your offer, feel free to pitch us something else.

Unfortunately, Straight Outta My Kitchen is brand spanking new and has not yet built up enough reserves to pay such awesome writers, but we hope to change that soon.


The good news is that we will promote your post on our Facebook page