The Pantry Necessities

Kitchen 101 Pantry Staples

The Pantry Necessities consist of the following but not excluding many different products. Now Herbs and Spices one list that can have a laundry list of different Herbs and Spices depending on what each recipe calls for.




Dry Pastas 



Canned Vegetable

 Canned Tomatoes

 Nut Butter




 Specialty Sauces

 Dried Fruit

 Dried Beans 

 Specialty Items


 Canned Goods

   Pickled Goods



Herbs and Spices 

For Baking

| Baking Powder/Baking Soda Chocolate Chips or Chunks |

|Cornstarch | Cream of Tartar | Cocoa Powder | Extracts |


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