The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Food Addiction.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Food Addiction.
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food addiction or eating addiction is a Behavioral Addiction that is characterised by the compulsive consumption of Palatable (e.g., high fat and high sugar) foods – the types of food which markedly activate the Reward System in humans and other animals – despite adverse consequences.  A long-term Food addiction, can result in negative consequences to all aspects of a person’s life, creating damaging and chronic symptoms.

Food addiction is a disease which causes loss of control over the ability to stop eating certain foods. Scientifically, food addiction is a cluster of chemical dependencies on specific foods or food in general; after the ingestion of high palatable foods such as sugar, excess fat and/or salt the brains of some people develop a physical craving for these foods

The Physical Consequences

The short-term physical effect associated with dopamine and endogenous opiate release in the brain reward center is low level Euphoria, a decrease in both anxiety and emotional pain also known as a “Food Coma.” The long-term physical effects may vary. The health consequences can be severe.

If a food addict has obesity, it can be associated with the following

Obesity has been attributed to eating behavior or fast food, personality issues, depression, addiction, and/or genetics. One proposed explanation of epidemic obesity is food addiction.

5 Jedi Mind Tricks to Beat Your Food Addiction

and Stop Emotional Eating

Links on Food Addiction

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