The Chef’s Kitchen

Welcome to the History Of Chef’s Section,  Here You’ll See a List Of Chef’s  All which at some point in time have laid down the Culinary path to where we are today.  I hope you enjoy,  If you would like to see a name up on this list please let me know and I’ll do my best to add a section on them. 

  • Julia Child

  • James Beard

  • Hercules

  • Marco Pierre

  • Wolfgang Puck

  • Thomas Keller 

  •  Marthe Distel

  • Jiro Ono

  • Jeff Smith

  • Emeril Lagasse

  • Jamie Oliver

  • Gordon Ramsay

  • Simone Beck

  • David Chang

  • Joseph Favre

  • Nicolas Appert

  • Henri-Pual Pellaport

  • Auguste Escoffier

  • Anthony Bourdain

  • Guillaume Tirel

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