“A bun in the oven”


“A bun in the oven”
Meaning: Pregnant

The word “oven” has been used as a slang term for “womb” since the late 1700s, the bun refers to the growing baby. Some scholars trace the idea of creation correlating to rising bread back to the ancient Greeks: The gods were millers, and humans were the product they baked – a process that humans replicated, albeit on a less cosmic scale.

Happy New Year and hope only the best for 2017

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2016 has a small window of life as 2017 creeps on it to unfold a new chapter in each and every one of our life’s.  I have definitely have had some majors downs this year with 4 family members passing on as well as a major break up with my significant other.  But with that being said even in the ash’s of such a devastating year I have been through I have some how along the lines have turned to blogging as a creative and proactive outlet.  I know that 2017 is a new start in the right direction So I want to wish everyone everywhere a very Happy New Year and hope only the best for 2017