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Canada Vs Food Waste

A new report suggests more than $31 billion worth of food is wasted every year in Canada and when energy, water and other resource costs are factored in the true cost could be up to three times that much.  A 15 per cent increase from the report’s findings four years ago, when the group found the cost was $27 billion in 2010. It’s also two per cent of Canada’s total GDP, and larger than the total economic output of the poorest 29 countries on the planet.

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Why Ginseng Will Change Your Life

Out of all of the herbal supplements on the market today, Ginseng is the most widely used. In earlier times Ginseng went by a different name, “Man Root.” because the root resembled that of the shape of a man. To this day many people believe in the Powers Of Ginseng as they believe that it has Healing and Mystical Powers. The Ancient Chinese thought that when a plant resembles a human body part that it would have a healing effect on that part of the body. In other words if a plant resembled a hand it would have the ability to heal the hands. But since Ginseng resembles the entire body it is thought that is can bring balance and well being to the whole body.

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If a parsley farmer is sued, can they garnish his wages?

When it comes to herbs, traditions have changed, varieties have increased, but through it all, Parsley has just stayed Parsley, flat or curly leaf, nothing major and no need for change. Use it as an herb or use it as a garnish, it does not matter people still love it. Often used fresh or dried, fresh is more popular and has very easy access when purchasing it or growing it. Storing it is simple, just wrap it is a damp paper towel and place it in a baggie and store it in the fridge. Parsley is used for all kinds of sauces and salads. Parsley can pretty much be added to anything and is used often to color pestos but it is very frequently used as a garnish.

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Peeling Garlic The Fuss-Free Way
Remove all cloves from the bulb, then whack each clove with the side of a chef’s knife. The skin will fall right off.

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