History Of Julia Child


Born: August 15, 1912, Pasadena, California, USA

Died: August 13, 2004, Montecito, California, USA

Aged: 91

Cause of Death: Complications of kidney failure

Nationality: American

Height: 6’2″ (1.88m)

Spouse: Paul Child (m. 1946-1994)

Parents: John McWilliams, Jr.Julia Carolyn Weston

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Legendary cook and teacher Julia Child had a tremendous impact on food and culinary history in America.  books and television series, spanned forty years, her teachings encouraged people to care about food and cooking.  Many Americans were inspired to conquer their fears of the unfamiliar and to expand their ideas about ingredients and flavors, tools and techniques, and meals in general.

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Julia grew up with a cook who served her family. She did not observe or learn how to cook from the family’s cook. Her grandmother from Illinois would make doughnuts and crullers. She did not learn to cook until she met her would-be husband, Paul Child, because he grew up in a family very interested in food.  


Julia joined the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) after finding that she was too tall to enlist in the Women’s Army Corps (WACs) or in the U.S. Navy’s WAVES. She began her OSS career as a typist at its headquarters in Washington, but because of her education and experience soon was given a more responsible position as a top secret researcher working directly for the head of OSS, General William J. Donovan.

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Julie & Julia                     

came out in 2009 starring Meryl StreepAmy AdamsStanley Tucci, and so many more. Star in this movie about Julia Child’s story of her start in the cooking profession is intertwined with blogger Julie Powell’s 2002 challenge to cook all the recipes in Child’s first book.

  • Rated PG 

  • Run Time 1h 58min 

  • BiographyDramaRomance 

  •  7 August 2009 (Canada)

  •  Rated 7.0/10


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Happy New Year and hope only the best for 2017

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2016 has a small window of life as 2017 creeps on it to unfold a new chapter in each and every one of our life’s.  I have definitely have had some majors downs this year with 4 family members passing on as well as a major break up with my significant other.  But with that being said even in the ash’s of such a devastating year I have been through I have some how along the lines have turned to blogging as a creative and proactive outlet.  I know that 2017 is a new start in the right direction So I want to wish everyone everywhere a very Happy New Year and hope only the best for 2017 


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What does XYZ promise to deliver? 

A Multiple plan service with monthly submissions, monthly payment submissions, monthly form views, total forms total space and total submission storage

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How easy is it to use?    I find the service very easy to use and find it practical for what I Need it for

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How long might it take to see results?  To see results won’t take long at all, depends on the form editing.  Other than that, within the hour maybe tops.

Summary (The good the bad the ugly)

In summary, I really enjoy jot form with it’s great layout, Widgets and templates to choose from. Once you start going up in Plan’s I do feel it does get a little high in price for my liking, but they are Offering a lot of great benefits with those packages. You just have to keep a eye On your month then price wont be a problem. All in All I’m going to keep Using this service.