I gladly accept guest blog posts for Straight Outta My Kitchen. Anyone is welcome to submit one, but I only take posts that meet my quality standards.

What You Get

I don’t currently can’t pay for posts. All stories will remain the property of the writer who is granting a non-exclusive license for the story to appear on the Straight Outta My Kitchen.

The story will appear under the offer’s byline and will end with the author’s biography which certainly can and should have links to the author’s website.

Looking for Good Stories

I looking for posts of 800+ words.

What I am looking for is good Food/Home Cooking writing stories.

  1. The stories have to have a point

  2. They need to be written in such as fashion as not to need a lot of editing, since I don’t have time for that

  3. I am specifically not looking for posts that just tell me “we went here and we did this” without offering insight or perspective

  4. Posts can either be A Recipe, Submitting of a Site, Fun Food Facts, God’s Of The Cast Iron or a essay

  5. Stories should not have appeared elsewhere, although an exception might be granted in particular cases

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