Still can’t believe it

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So this has been stressing me out since Friday morning.  I awoke at 5 am Friday morning a hour early (6 is when I usually get up) to the smell of smoke.  In a panic I searched for it every where not knowing it was right in front of me the whole time.  As I pull a pair of jeans from the laundry basket of clean clothes smoke following right behind.  I guess the old rags I used to clean my cast iron pans finally decided to smolder and burn most of my chef uniforms and a few other clothes.  Yes thankful for that being the only damage.  The thought of this happening while I was at work and doing more damage is really bugging me

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Straight Outta My Kitchen

Hi, I'm Chris I've been working in kitchens for almost 20 years. Straight Outta My Kitchen is about Sustainable Fresh Local Products. Content Simple Easy Recipes to follow along at home. Straight Outta My Kitchen will strive to produce quality content on home cooking, cast iron, recipes, Product reviews, Food Photography and other things as I go along Looking forward to see how this all pans outs. When It comes to eating I definitely enjoy great flavors, seasonal inspired, great home cooked meals. Growing up I was always in the kitchen learning, watching, learning what does and doesn't go well together. Well Thanks for stopping by here and checking out my photos hope the make you hungry and want to go cook.

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