Smashwords Books

Here is a collection of books from Smashwords ranging from Cookbook’s, Health and Gardening.  Each book is individually priced with a link to the author as well.

Naturally Have your cholesterol Balanced—Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Program by Maxwell Chan. $4.99 from his book mainly only talking about direction how to deal with or Balance High Cholesterol under specific health situation, instead of hundreds pages textbook about How to Heal High Cholesterol.

Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program by Maxwell Chan. $2.99 from this book is about: Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Program [ which is also called Functional Food TLC or Advanced TLC Program ( TLC Program is developed by NIH), which is kind of effective, safety, convenient Complementary and Integrative medicine therapies for rheumatoid arthritis, diabetics, high Blood pressure, high cholesterol, constipation, Metabolic Syndrome

“Beautiful & Easy Homemade Italiano Pasta Dishes” by Dion Italiano. $9.99 from“See how easily you can start cooking the easiest and most mouth-watering pasta dishes for your family, friends and relatives that will have them coming back for more!!- By Dion Italiano.

“Beginners” Learn How to Grow Garden Vegetables: From the Dirt Up Series by Kathy Barnett. $3.29 from If you want to learn the basics of gardening than this book will help. Self fulfilment and delicious tasting vegetables can be achieved by growing a successful garden. For those of you who have never grown vegetables before or have only limited experience, healthy foods worked from your own two hands can be yours! This book contains nice photos.

“FAT”: An Epidemic in America by Scott Ludian. $4.99 from America is Fat. Obesity has reached Epic proportions. If Americans follow a plan with proper Fitness and Nutrition, Obesity can be a disease of the past. “FAT” will explain how to get your health on track with a proper plan and balance between exercise and nutrition. Read “FAT” to find a program that works best for you to enable a healthy lifestyle.

“How to Cook 11 Simple and Easy Recipes” by Felix Gonzalez. $2.00 from 11 easy to cook recipes to make at home and enjoy with friends.easy preparation and method style recipes that I grew up with and that I still cook today.  Timeless recipes that will outlast time itself.

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