Mise en Place

 What is ‘mise en place?’ mean well it’s a  French term that roughly translates as “put in place”. It’s used to describe the practice of chefs preparing food up to a point where it is ready to be used in a dish during food service.

Mise en Place is defined as:

  • The Ethos of the kitchen

  • So much more than minced shallots

  • Hope for the best, plan for the worst

  • Seconds save minutes

  • The foundation of success

  • The foundation of a successful shift

  • It makes or breaks you

  • A way of life

  • Learn it, know it, live it

  • Prep, Attitude, Focus, Drive

  • Slapping Murphy’s Law into place

  • Telling that bitch Murphy’s Law to sit the fuck down

  • Organisation of product, tools, and mind

  • Seeing and preventing a problem before it arrives

Even Though professional cooks and home cooks have their differences, there are many practices common among professionals that can greatly improve the home cook’s command of the kitchen.   You have to read the recipe, understood it’s every part and have all of your equipment and ingredient prep work before you set a pan on the flame.  When everything is prepped and ready to go, you’ll be able to make your meal quickly and efficiently.  

  1. “Mise en Place is a state of mind…”
  2. “Mise en Place is the state that if I were to keel over and die, my kitchen would continue to run for 3 days without interruption or a hiccup…”
  3. “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…”
  4. “No matter how much they try, they will never catch me with my pants down…”
  5. “seeing the unforeseeable…”
  6. “Being busy when you’re not busy so that when you’re busy you’re not busy”
  7. “A clean kitchen is an efficient kitchen”
  8. “Be pro-active, not reactive…”
  9. “It’s easier to keep yourself out of the “Shit” rather than try to work your way out of it once you’re in it…”
  10. “With the right organization and mise en place you can accomplish anything…”
  11. “90% of your employee issues/staff management problems can be prevented/resolved through proper interview and hiring practices…”
  12. “A “jump start” on controlling food cost is accomplished through conscientious purchasing and inventory management…”

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