Kitchen Knifes 

The trusted kitchen knife that helps us do everything from Slicing and Dicing our way through preparing our everyday meals.  

Knifes I Use

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Elements that make up a great knife set:

  • Size – Your ability to grasp a knife’s handle is one of the first things that you should determine.  If you cannot grasp a knife correctly, using it can be very dangerous.  (↑ Side Note – Size Does Matter ↑ )
  • Weight – How heavy is the knife? 
  • Blade Type – The type of blades offered in the set is of paramount importance to you. 

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Basic Knife Care

  • Use a Wooden Cutting Board. Hard cutting boards, like glass or plastic are damaging to the fine edge of the blade.
  • Wash by Hand. Even if your knife says it’s dishwasher safe, or compliant, take the 30 seconds to clean it by hand. This is better for the blade and safer for you by all means.      

       (Kitchen knives get dull in a dishwasher.  Myth or fact)

  • Professionally Sharpened Using a sharpening steel regularly is great in between sharpening, where ever you bought your knifes from with usually have a deal on knife sharping Basic Knife Skill’s

When out shopping for your knifes always ask to see if you hold the knife you are interested in buying.  This way you can get a feel, if it doesn’t feel right or if the weight is a little off for you then you’ll know.  Also listen to what the person selling the knifes has to say.  If a place that sells knifes won’t let you hold the knife’s (don’t take it personally) but there maybe a store police for customer safety.

knife construction

These 2 store’s from where I’m from I Prefer to shop at for my kitchen equipment (when I’m going to be making a major purchase)

The House Of Knifes is a shop mainly consisting of a wide selection of culinary knifes and kitchen gadgets.

Cook Culture is another cooking supply store with a wide range of everything you could ask it’s pretty much a toy store for cook’s 

Other wise I try to hit up thrift stores and see if I hit gold when looking for some cool kitchen gadget (like cast iron pan’s get them cheaper but most likely have to re-season them

Top 4 Brands of Knife’s I personally would suggest

 |Henckels| Global | Shun|Victorianox |

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There are a few different ways you can sharpen your knifes it’s really up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Getting your knifes professionally sharpened is by far the best way but will cost you a few bucks. 

Cook’s Illustrated  

has a good knife sharping section on there website 

How To Sharpen Kitchen Knife’s 

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  4. How To Chop 
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