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How to avoid cooking blunders in the kitchen



This is true for a lot of people.

#1 Didn’t Read The Recipe

Reading a recipe It’s the best way to make sure your meal is successful.  cooking mishaps happen when a crucial detail is overlooked.  Take a minute to focus on the details.  look at the recipe for action verbs to figure out which tasks need to be performed before you start cooking.

#2 Didn’t Preheat the Pan

To achieve sealing in the juices and browning the food, the cooking surface of the pan has to be hot enough.  Food tends to stick to a pan that’s cold,  it’s harder to sauté everything, from onions to potatoes.  before adding the oil, allow the pan to heat up for several minutes.

#3 Not Tasting During Cooking Process

Not tasting the food while it’s cooking and not checking the food while it’s cooking. It’s up to you to make the final seasoning determination. A Cookbook may only suggest using [1 clove of garlic] Remember a cookbook only serve as guides.



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