History Of Fish & Chip’s



Oh The Smell Of Fish & Chip’s Lingers in the air grease soaked news paper covered in ketchup. With Fish and chips is considered Britain’s national dish,  in about 1860 Joseph Malin & John Lees both claimed to have been the first to have the inspired idea of serving fish and chips.  following decade fish and chip shops spread like wildfire. The dish, which was hot, cheap and nutritious, became a working-class staple.  The number of fish and chip shops peaked at 35,000 in 1927. By this time there was an outlet on almost every street corner.  EU rules mean the term fish and chips is gradually disappearing from menus. These days restaurants are meant to specify the precise type of fish rather than using the more vague description, which could include any fish including cheaper substitutes such as Pollock and coley. 

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In one survey fish and chips beat frying bacon as the nation’s favourite smell.   In 1860, the first fish and chip shop was opened in London by Joseph Malin who sold “fish fried in the Jewish fashion”.  Fried fish was first brought to England by Western Sephardic Jews, and is considered the model for the fish element of the dish.