Give Leftovers New Life

Cooking Hack #345

Do you ever wonder what the hell your going to do with your leftovers?wellWell look no further now it’s time to give leftovers new life save the rice, pizza toppings and grilled chicken.  

Instead of tossing leftovers in The Trash, 

Why not repurpose them into other meals like a Casserole or a Frittata are just a couple of options to go with.

 So let’s start with a Casserole  The possibility is endless.  Casserole’scass are simple to make and are a great staple to have plus it can be packed up as a lunch the next day.  

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frittatabakeOh yes the all mighty Frittata, Now a Frittata is an egg-based Italian dish , like  a omelette or crustless quiche. The nice thing about making eithor of these plates is that the oven is doing all the work for you. Plus super simple to make with little effort and time.

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 40% of the food produced in Canada is wasted and throwen out which in turn cost $31 billion.

That is just sad and disturbing and we wonder why people are going hungry.

What are everyone’s thoughts on Food waste?

How is Food Waste a issuse where you live?

How is Food Waste being taken Care of?

I would really love to get some feed back from people I’m feeling I’m going to make a project out of this 

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