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Freebie Fridays

Welcome to Straight Outta My Kitchen’s

Freebie Fridays

Today you’re in for a treat The freebie that I have lined up is a multi pack of goodies.

♠ This is what you’re getting ♠

  • 300 Chicken Recipes

  • 332 Indian Food Recipes

  • 500 Recipes for Bread

  • 550 Soup Recipes

  • 1000 Best Bartender’s Recipes

  • A Taste of Italy

  • Betty Crocker’s Baking Recipes

  • Betty Crocker’s Basic Recipes

  • Betty Crocker’s Cookie Recipes

  • Casserole Crazy

  • Delicious Candy Recipes

  • Delicious Diabetic Recipes

  • Pizza recipes

  • The Complete Library of Cooking Vol-1

  • The Complete Library of Cooking Vol-2

  • The Complete Library of Cooking Vol-3

  • The Complete Library of Cooking Vol-4

  • The Complete Library of Cooking Vol-5

  • The Complete Top Secret Famous Recipes Cookbook

  • Vegetarian Recipes Collection

That’s a pretty amazing deal well over 3000 recipes to choose from like how can you go wrong?  Well I’ll tell you how you could go wrong and it would be not Downloading this awesome package

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