Cutting Board’s


A cutting board is a durable board on which to place material for cutting.  The kitchen cutting board is commonly used in preparing food; Kitchen cutting boards are often made of wood or plastic and come in various widths and sizes.  There are also cutting boards made of WoodBamboo, Glass, or Marble.  Now to figure out which kind to pick right remember grandmas old Wooden Cutting Board that had that little worn out dip in the middle. 


I personally have a Bamboo Cutting Boards, one for meat and one for Vegetables.  They have a nice look and feel to them especially when they last a long time from taking care of them.  Here on Straight Outta My Kitchen I’ll go over some different styles of cutting boards. Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to cutting boards so hopefully this will help you out in your decision on buying one.

 Cutting Boards

 Bamboo Cutting Boards

 Wood Cutting Boards Plastic Cutting Boards Glass Cutting Boards 
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