Cutting Board Colors

What’s so important with colour coding and cross contamination? Well, a lot! Cross contamination can get people sick. There’s so many Plastic Cutting Boards to choose from almost mind blowing.  Well Straight Outta My Kitchen Will weight out the Pros & Con’s of owning a Plastic Cutting Boards.  In restaurants there will be a few different Coloured Plastic Cutting Boards, and for good reason.

Keeping your cutting boards & cutting board brushes separate is one step in eliminating cross contamination in your kitchen. The following set forth by the FDA is a guideline or recommendation on the colours for cutting boards. (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  1. Green – Produce
  2. Red – Raw Meat
  3.  Yellow – Poultry 
  4.  Blue – Seafood 
  5. White – Dairy
  6.  Brown – Cooked Meat
  7. Purple – Allergens 

Common causes of food-related illness  is called Cross-Contamination, or the transfer of Harmful Bacteria from one food product to another by way of contaminated tools, equipment or Hands.

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