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11 Quotes On food That Are Just So Tasty

Hey Everyone Hope 2018 has been good to you thouse far,  Here at Straight Outta My Kitchen We thought we share 11 Quotes on Food that are just so tasty. Do you have a favourite Quote share it in the comment secton.  Well I guess That’s A wrap for Now,  Lol Get a Wrap man I Crack My Self Up Sometimes.


“Wake up and smell the coffee”

Straight Outta My Kitchen The Meaning Behind Food Saying Monday

That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles

The Meaning Behind Food Saying Mondays. Every Monday I’ll Post a Food Saying with stupid pictures linked into it with a actual good solid meaning behind it

“Cool as a cucumber”

Here at Straight Outta My kitchen, Its fun de-boning food saying. Cause lets face it People no one can be as cool as a cucumber.

“It’s all gravy”

Meaning: It’s all good

What’s the point of mashed potatoes, turkey, or poutine without a rich dolloping of gravy. This phrase originated from an Old English saying. Life, it explained, is meat and potatoes, and the luxuries are gravy. So essentially when you say “it’s all gravy,” you’re saying “it” is all the awesome, saucy goodness in the world. Home Cook Handbook