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Contemporary definitions for shout-out

an acknowledgment, credit, or greeting given for someone during a radio or television show; a mention made to show respect

We’d like to give a shout-out to all our loyal fans.

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Benefits to Eating Vegan

Many people discover Vegan eating through their quest to eat healthier. By doing this it is possible to find a healthier lifestyle and ensure that you are getting the biggest benefits for not only yourself but also the environment. Many environmental groups claim that Vegan is the ultimate way to go green with your eating habits. In many ways, they are very correct and because of this, many people are turning to a Vegan lifestyle like never before.


Global Consumption by the Numbers

Think about global warming for a moment what are some things that come to mind?
The sheer scale of farming, and the subsequent environmental impact of such rates of production.

12 Reason’s To Have Himalayan Salt Lamp’s In Every Room Of The House

Straight Outta My Kitchen Proudly presents 12 Reason’s To Have Himalayan Salt Lamp’s In Every Room Of The House.  Our Friend’s Over at Steroid Mag reached out and asked if we could share the heck outta this info graphic.  So that’s What we plan on doing 

7 Terrific Reasons To Learn How To Cook

Straight Outta My Kitchen has 4 Terrific Reasons To Learn How To Learn How To Cook . So Let’s Jump in

Who Really Uses 53 Organic Living Tips

Straight Outta My Kitchen presents Who Really Uses 53 Organic Living Tips .

11 Quotes On food That Are Just So Tasty

Hey Everyone Hope 2018 has been good to you thouse far,  Here at Straight Outta My Kitchen We thought we share 11 Quotes on Food that are just so tasty. Do you have a favourite Quote share it in the comment secton.  Well I guess That’s A wrap for Now,  Lol Get a Wrap man I Crack My Self Up Sometimes.

I’m On We Graze Together List

We Graze Together List Straight Outta My Kitchen is on it check it out

What is Food Safety? — We Are Chefs

This is a very important subject,  Food safety is a very important issue for everyone  4 million in Canada alone get food poisoning, also known as “Food-Borne Illness.”

Sugar – Is it the new enemy?

the world are starting to crack down on sugar. They are passing taxes on sugary drinks and snacks, banning them from schools, and more treatment programs are becoming open to people who believe they are addicted to sugar.

But what is the truth? Is sugar the new enemy?

Supper Clubs

So I have been thinking of starting a Supper Club of Sorts
What is everyone’s thoughts on this?