Herbs & Spices

Both spices and herbs are parts of plants (fresh or dried) that are used to enhance the flavor of foods. They’ve also been known to preserve foods, cure illness and enhance cosmetics.Herbs come from the leafy and green part of the plant.Spices are parts of the plant other than the leafy bit such as the root, stem, bulb, bark or seeds.

The Alfalfa Article of Your Dreams

 Alfalfa is also great for reducing fevers and is very good for the blood. It contains Natural Fluoride and prevents tooth decay. Alfalfa makes a great tea because when the Alfalfa leaves steep in the hot water it is a source of nitrogen. The tea is not only made for human consumption because people who grow Irises and Delphiniums just love Alfalfa tea because of the great effect that it has on the plants when used as a foliage spray. Many with a green thumb also use Alfalfa as mulch for their flower beds. [...]