Rule’s Of Engagement

  • Never store food in your cast iron cookware, especially acidic foods. Once the cooking process is done, transfer food to serving dish or storage container.


  • Acidic items like tomato sauces will be darker from the iron. (Many people with iron deficiencies are told to use cast iron as a way to get more iron in their diet.)


  • It is not recommended that you use your cast iron as a pot for boiling water.


  • If your food gets a metallic taste, or turns “black”, it means one of two things are wrong. Either your pot has not been sufficiently seasoned, or you are leaving the food in the pot after it has been cooked. (I’ve never had this problem.)


  • If your old or new cast iron pans gets rust spots, simply scour the rusty areas with steel wool, until all traces of rust are gone. Wash, dry, and repeat seasoning process.


  • If too much oil or fat is applied to a cast iron pan during the seasoning process, it can pool up. If this happens, scrape off any “goopy” parts, re-grease the spot, and re-seasoned.


  • Never put cold liquids into a very hot cast iron pan or oven. They will crack on the spot!


  • Be careful when cooking with your cast iron pans on an electric range. The burners create hot spots that can warp cast iron or even cause it to crack. Be sure to preheat the iron very slowly when using an electric range and keep the settings to medium or even medium-low.

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