Cast Iron Fact #2

Clean It While Warm

Just like other cookware, Cast Iron Pans need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

However, do not be tempted to let the pan sit a few hours after cooking before you wash it. Once the pan cools down, the food particles also dry onto the pan. Such food particles are much harder to remove.

You must try to clean your cast iron cookware while it is still warm. Just a quick wipe with a Cloth or Paper Towel is all that you need to clean the pan.

If stubborn foods get stuck to your pan, put some water in it and bring it to a boil. All the food particles will loosen up. You can even use a stiff brush to clean the pan, but make sure the bristles aren’t made of any kind of metal.

At the same time, avoid soaking the pan in water for a long time and dry it thoroughly on a heated stovetop before storing to prevent rusting.

Never put your cast iron cookware in the Dishwasher.



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