Blenders – Not just for frozen margaritas, these high-powered machines reduce whole fruits into delicious smoothies, whole veggies into nutritious soup, and can crush ice into fluffy snow for sweet, syrupy cones.

Slow Cookers – When you are going to be gone all day and want to come home to a hot meal, just throw all your ingredients in there, set it and leave for the day.” Great for stews, one-pot meals and potluck dinners, the crockpot still is as valuable as ever. Look for models with removable stoneware inserts that can go from appliance to backyard barbecue to dishwasher.

Stand Mixers – A new homeowner may not have used one before but there will come a time when they are going to wish they had a stand mixer. Preparing bread dough from scratch? Everything is easier with a stand mixer. And unlike a hand mixer, a sturdy stand mixer gives the home cook the freedom to multitask.

Coffee Makers – Drink a large amount of coffee on a regular basis, it makes sense to go with a drip maker.” For quality and ease of use, the programmable model is tough to beat. Set it at night and wake to freshly ground, brewed and stored drip coffee. The thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for hours.

Food ProcessorsIndispensable for all matter of kitchen tasks, the food processor makes quick work of slicing, chopping, blending, pureeing and kneading.