The Insider’s Guide to Straight Outta My Kitchen

Chris DunfordMy Name is Chris so I know what your going through I’m here to help you through it.  Through what you ask?  well I’ll tell you all you gotta do is ask your self is this.    So let me tell you a bit about myself  I’ve been working in kitchens my whole life.   When I was younger my parents had a few friends who owned restaurants.  I was always in the kitchen watching with amazement.   

As I got older I began my cooking career, as much as I love someone else making a great plate of food for me.  There’s something about a Home Cooked Meal like mom used to make that just brings me back.  Straight Outta My Kitchen is about Sustainable, Fresh, Local, Food and resource’s from the everyday home cook.  I believe in supporting local company’s and farmers and helping in the community as much as possible.  Straight Outta My Kitchen is about Sustainable Fresh Local Products.

Content Simple Easy Recipes to follow along at home. Straight Outta My Kitchen will strive to produce quality content.

Well Thanks for stopping by here and checking out my

Straight Outta My Kitchen hope the you’re hungry and want to go cook.

So if you would like to get over your fear of cooking I’ll show you the rope’s along the way.  If you have any question’s please ask I will always try my best to help you.

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