Food impacts almost every component of our lives. The production, processing, packaging, and transportation of the majority of our food are highly dependent on the use of fossil fuels and chemical fertilizers. These can greatly harm our health and the health of the environment

Plant good food thoughts, grow good food choices!

Sustainable food systems operate in a cycle of sustainable production and support. Farmers can make their food more sustainable by limiting pesticide use and treating their animals humanely and responsibly. Consumers can cast their votes for these healthier and more sustainable foods when they choose to support these farms. Choosing foods that are produced close to home also reduces the impact of our food system on the environment by reducing the distance food travels from farm to table.

Choose food that

  • Does not harm the environment
  • Supports and preserves rural communities
  • Is healthy and nutritious to eat
  • Respects farm animals
  • Provides farmers with a fair wage
  • Is free of added toxins
  • Is grown in the local community
  • Does not harm the health of farm workers



Sustainable Eating & Nutrition: FAQ & Useful Links

Why is Sustainable Food Important?

Buy local, seasonal and environmentally friendly food

A Seat_At_The_Table_Resource_Guide_For_Local_Governments



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